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Listing the Pokemon models extracted from ORAS

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I recently started using Ohana3DS to extract assets from ORAS and noticed it's tedious to find a particular pokemon's model and texture. These files are found in folder a/0/0/8, and are labelled with file_#### instead of pokemon names. I searched around for an easy way to find which file goes with which pokemon, like a search function or list, but haven't found anything. Has anything like this been made yet? If yes then it should be made more public.

Well anyway I started mapping the files to pokemon on my own, and it's pretty crazy. There are over 8000 files! So I'd like some help with this, and possibly make it a public project to identify all the model and texture files in a/0/0/8.

Here's what I've got so far: https://github.com/mradocy/pokemonModelList.

I've also discovered some things that would make this easier. About half the files can't even be opened in Ohana3DS, so that reduces the work a lot. There all also patterns with how the files work. In general, it seems a pokemon consists of a block of 8 files. These blocks tend to contain the following files:

  1. Pokemon model (geometry) (.pc file)
  2. A (<10 KB) .pf file that can't be opened.
  3. The texture of the pokemon (.pt file)
  4. The texture (shiny version) of the pokemon (.pt file)
  5. A .pt file that can't be opened, size varies a lot
  6. A medium (<100 KB) .pb file that can't be opened
  7. A medium (<100 KB) .pk file that can't be opened
  8. A small (<10 KB) .pc file that can't be opened

Also, does anyone know what the significance of these extra files are? Are they animations?

Note there are separate blocks for different forms of pokemon, which includes gender differences. This makes it hard to come up with a general formula for mapping pokemon to their corresponding files.

Even if there was such a formula, there is still value in attempting to open the files. It'll be useful for bugtesting Ohana3DS; for example finding pokemon whose textures don't render correctly, or at all (Charizard, for instance).

So would anyone like to help? A list like this would be very handy to have. Most importantly, if someone already did this please share it before we do a lot of work for nothing... (wouldn't that be embarrassing huh?)

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Was just building my own list like this for all the models. Glad I found yours before going all the way!

You can find the details to some of the mystery files by attempting to open them as containers.

0001.PC can be opened as a container.

-Within are .BCH files and .CGFX files.

-CGFX open as textures of different effects (burn, sleep, etc) but I'm not sure.

-The first .BCH file is the same as the 0002.BCH file which opens a blank in Model, but has the Star.png texture in the Texture tab.

-The other .BCH files are 3d Planes whom the CGFX textures are probably slapped on in the game. They come with DummyTextures if you check their Texture tabs.

-0002.BCH is explained above

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The .pb, .pf, and .pk files are animations. Specifically, material and visibility. Material animations change a character's textures (for purposes such as blinking), and visibility animations make parts of the character invisible (like when Bulbasaur retracts its feelers).

There should also be skeletal animations, which are the ones that make the character move, but I can't seem to find them.

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