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Dream Radar save editing to unlock gen 4 legends.


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I thought I would share some info on editing the games save that I was able to figure out. This requires savedatafiler to export and import unencrypted saves. I also found the Orbs number location to buy all the upgrades right away.

I only had one gen 4 cartridge to start finding this info and the rest was brute forced with trying different values after finding the right offset by diffing a before and after save of unlocking Diamonds legend.


00000ae1 cygsavedata.dat

Current number of Orbs

0x68-0x69 xxxx


Total collected Orbs (Not enough to help unlock extensions since on a new game setting it to 199 then collecting another didn't open the Retrieval Extension so basically useless)

0x6C-0x6D xxxx


Unlock generation 4 legends to be caught

0x26E xx

01 None

05 Temporal

10 Renegade

14 Temporal + Renegade

18 Spatial + Renegade

1C Temporal + Spatial + Renegade

20 Rainbow

24 Temporal + Rainbow

28 Spatial + Rainbow

2C Temporal + Spatial + Rainbow

30 Renegade + Rainbow

40 Diving

50 Renegade + Diving

60 Rainbow + Diving

FC Temporal + Spatial + Renegade + Rainbow + Diving

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