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I know that no one is playing Pokemon Conquest anymore, but I need help with an AR code...


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Sorry about this post coming up, but I've been wanting to play Pokemon Conquest on my DSTwo (with a few cheats :P lol), but there's this bunch of similar AR codes that's bugging me. Basically, these are the Pokemon Modifier codes, and they work perfectly at the beginning. The problem is that it doesn't deactivate. When I deselect the code that I was using, let's say Eevee, it will still spawn Eevees and nothing else (except changing enemy's Pokemon). This is annoying because it doesn't allow me to go against any other wild Pokemon unless if I change to a different "Pokemon Modifier" AR code. It also effects the Pokemon that evolve when finished battling ("Magikarp evolved into Rayquaza!" :P). I tried my best to find an answer, but no luck. I hope that someone can help me out. :)

Here's a sample code of the AR codes:

52045804 E2431001
02045808 E3A060XX
D2000000 00000000

Where "XX" can be 00-C7, depending on the desired Pokemon.

Thanks in advance! :)

P.S. I also tried testing around the code, and for some reason, if I modify the second line of code to: "02045808 00000000", it acts like a randomizer between Eevee (and Eeveelutions), Starly (and its evolutions), Bidoof (and its evolution), Ralts (and its evolutions), Venipede (and its evolutions), and I don't remember if there were any more. Just in case if that bit of info was useful...

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Add a button activator line to the top of the code. Hold down those buttons only when you want it to activate.

(94000130 FFF30000 = start+select)

Just tried this, but it didn't work. It activated the modifier, but even though I didn't press Start+Select, the modifier remains active.

Thanks for the quick answer, though. :)

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Oh well if it is writing over code... just get the value @ 02045808 and write it back with another activator code.

94000130 FCFF0000 (R+L)

52045804 E2431001

02045808 OLDVALUE

D2000000 00000000

It worked! Thanks a lot, Kaphotics! :D

I guess I was focusing too much on modifying the original AR code, instead of making a new AR code; so thanks. :)

Now, the only thing left is to add the activator code in every. single. AR code...this is gonna take a while. lol

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