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mystery dungeon wiiware pokemon mystery dungeon adventure squad light stromy and blaze save files and passwords

Which adventure squad game would you download?  

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  1. 1. Which adventure squad game would you download?

    • blaze!
    • light!
    • stormy!
    • All 3 !!

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i started this thread in hopes of finding good save files for the three new mystery dungeon game adventure squad light stormy and blaze

i have light on my nintenod wii. really want save files for blaze and stormy so i can get riolu and eevee in it also on the look out for passwords thats unlock pokemon for these new games

I have searched google but nothing comes up.

currently looking for a save file

]with the mew mission on it or the password for it

also want save files for blaze and stormy to get more starters


manaphy H%42 15NY MJO% SYSH

chickorita 4T#H XW#0 YRM= 5&@7

heatran 15HY N0KQ S=T0 T58%


(wiiconnect 24 downloads)

Mew august 7th-august 16th

Darkrai august 20th-september 12th

*Arceus august 20th-?????

also it is now knowen that there are sertain pokemon that can only be found with

the two items enigma part and secret slab such as (deoxys shaymin latias)

those arent the only ones. as latias usely is with latios in these games

I will post how to get these two items when i find them

*it should be noted that arceus can only be encounter as fire type (blaze) water type (stormy) thunder type (light)

*not sure if the arceus mission is a download as they say its a specal w ranked mission you can get after august 20th so most likely its a download (i hope not)

i hope its like a timed in game event like the crystales in dimond and pearl at the town it snows at

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Ive updated the first post with new password and also added a mission section

---------- Post added at 11:47 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:08 AM ----------

I suspect that lagendarys trios such as entie raikou and sucune are exclusive to the

respective verson iam not sure at the moment trough i have seen pictures of palkia dialga and giratina in game but not sure which verson i suspect the same for them two

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