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Request: Black 2 Japanese Event Kyogre/Groudon Action Replay Code Request


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Wow, had alot going on x.x

And what I meant was the dream radar checks the inserted game to see if it was flagged for recieving the pokemon, so technically you would just have to edit the game cart, reset the value on the game saying you have recieved the pokemon. It has to be a value on the cart itself, otherwise you could just reinstall the dream radar. You cant even get the pokemon from a friends dream radar on a different 3ds.

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Oh, well yeah. Resetting flags should work, if the flag is on the game itself, not Dream Radar. That's how you can reobtain the same WonderCard more than once.

However, for example the Dream Radar Kami Trio, I just have their .pkm files, and can inject them directly into the PC whenever I want. So trying to resend from Dream Radar is a harder way of doing things. Unless you lost/traded the pokemon, I can see why you'd do it that way

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Well in my case I have no PC xD I mainly wanted it to reaquire HA dreamball ho-oh and tornadus, i got them and transferred them to x/y before I got my AR, so didnt clone them first xD

When I finally get a new PC, im setting up my distro roms again so I dont need this stuff xD But until then... Research! :) But hey, its fun to figure this stuff out :)

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I know, but since I already had that Tornadus, I offered.

Therian Tornadus Box 1,1 (Select+B):

94000130 FFF90000

B2000024 00000000

E0000D20 00000088

764D7F14 1D670000

A552ECBB B2D3422E

0875B85F 2C672CA1

79930A5E 23D30115

8490B0A0 6648B7B9

9F50E1A4 C8480C91

3C6A3951 3A3D1D84

64366656 AB9A4323

C0A7A58A 550691D0

015280DB DA2CA0E7

0E098433 BEAA7D19

947D227C 637C11A3

257E3A06 4D156A1C

9779FF1A CBC3F744

68E9672B 3528E7EF

F867A144 9BC9DC15

83AB9F62 40946616

D2000000 00000000

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Yeah, saw people posting bout catching him on miiverse xD Gonna see alot more Deoxys used competitivly now xD

Oh well, I still have b2/hg for my 6iv 4em pokemon for KB breeding and pre-gen5 moves like defog and the oldschool tutors :D

As long as the pokemons origin is from hg/ss, you can have any learnable tm/tutor move from any gen (of course excluding gen 1/2 xD)

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