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I made a project about three years ago that I just decided to release to my friends for personal use, but then thought, why not release it to others?

The site I made is a Pokemon GBA Database. Essentially, you upload your 128 byte gameboy advance save to the site, and it takes your team and stores it in its database. Users are allowed to freely download all pokemon in the database too.

It shows you hidden stats of gba pokemon, as well as having a shiny egg calculator so you can hatch shiny pokemon 100% of the time.

The site is in alpha-release mode at the moment, as I coded it three years ago when I was still new to coding, and I've just been too busy to clean up the messy code (though, when it's private and for friends, there's no needj).

Here's the link:


Is anyone interested in this? Should I keep it up or take it down?

Thanks all


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sorry if this is really obvious, but how do you upload and download onto a cartridge, or is this just for emulators?

No, I'm glad to answer all questions! :) I use both emulators and cartirdges with this site.

You either need a ds or gameboy advance with a homebrew device to backup cartridges onto your computer, or you can use an emulator.

Since I use both, I primarily use my phone (since it's always with me), but my siblings use the cartridges on a daily basis. :)

I hope that answers your question! :D (And if it doesn't, please do contact me again!)

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