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Pkmn trainer Hiddenub wants to post!


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Hey guys,

I'm Hiddenub, I'm new at this forum. I have some experience with Pokésav, but i cant make Pokemon from scratch yet(I'm close to it:wink:). My favorite game is Pokemon Platinum and my Favorite online game is Jamlegend.

I completed Pokemon Pearl twice but never completed Platinum cuz my rom broke.



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Hi, nice to meet you. It's unfortunate your rom broke but if you're having problem with art you can post that up in the Creative Discussion Topic. There are many artists around this forum, and they should be able to help you. :)

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Hello There.

How did your Rom break? i would finish Platinum but my file got corrupted. I clocked hours so i can't be bothered. And i mistakenly, i deleted my Diamond save, so there goes the 30 Pokemon i fully EV trained. *sigh* Now i just can't bother :biggrin:

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