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DS fixed after 3 years, help with getting save open from AR for SS and Plat.


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3 years ago my DS broke and I just got it replaced yesterday. In that time I also upgraded to windows 7 on a macbook because my old computer died. Ive done everything I needed to do to get my AR working on this system but now I'm having trouble remembering how to get pokesav to work (main reason I have an AR) How to I get my save file info onto the computer? I've searched and searched and everyone has either skipped that part, have upgraded to newer games, or use wifi which I dont want to do nor do I think it works anymore. Any help please? Thank you!

tl:dr version: I'm trying to edit SS and Plat with pokesav but don't know how to access the save files and get them onto my computer to be read by pokesav. How do the beginning steps work? I have a DS lite with a DS lite action replay

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First off thanks for all your help and patience! I really appreciate it.

Secondly Perhaps I got a bad download for the AR Code manager? I'm running Windows 7 on a Macbook. As you probably know you cant use a mini CD in a Macbook to instal the CM nor can you run the manager normally on windows 7.

I used this:

and got the download for the AR Code Manager from a link in the description, seen here:

"Download Action Replay Code Manager Setup 64-bit [uS]:


So any chance you might know what I'm doing wrong?

Also, it should be noted that on the CM under subscription it says "load failed" even though its subscribed to codejunkies, and I cant do really anything with the "my code list" When I click the software upgrade it says no new updates are available and I'm afraid to use "quick update" for fear of losing what code lists I have

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