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Requesting a Black 2 and White 2 sav file at the beginning of the game with Memory Link enabled

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Since I no longer have any way to activate the Memory Link events, I'd like to have a save file for each game with them both enabled at the start, so I can face Cheren/Bianca and all that

One with the Boy and one with the girl if you can. Many thanks in advance

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If you have access to your save file, you can activate it yourself.

Take a look into this thread -> Activate Memory Link features (B2W2)

You only need a hexeditor, PokeGen and the data which is attached there.

Well, just noticed that this is also possible lol

Here's a blank save file, game not even started yet but memory link features are enabled!

You can use it with Black 2 as well as White 2 and it should work in any language.

Pokemon B2W2.sav

Pokemon B2W2.sav

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