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  1. Yes? From how it was explained to me I didn't need that so I clicked on the dropdown box to select the code I needed. Then I clicked copy and pasted it into Action Replay code manager. I need to use that code? If so I'm gonna tear into my friend for misleading me.
  2. May I enquire as to what that last detail might entail? I have tried every permutation of anything that is wrong that I can think of including the way I have inputted the code into my Action Replay.
  3. Write a code that replaces it with another pokemon with normal stats.... like a Starly or something that might work
  4. So I'm still relatively new to Pokegen but I would like to think that I have the basics down. Lately I've been having trouble generating working AR codes for my HeartGold. The issue is this: -I HAVE the right target game selected. (even in the code generator dialog box) -I AM opening the correct file for the Mystery Gift -Because I was paranoid I did change the date on my DS to match the release date of the events -I AM only using ONE at a time -I have tried almost every combination of two buttons to press simultaneously to activate the code. -I AM opening and closing the menu with the
  5. You can't make Mystery Gift codes for Black 2 and White 2 until 4.0 release of Pokegen.
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