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IV legality checking. A Simple Problem.


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Hello all,

I have what is probably a simple problem to you all but I cannot find a specific enough answer to warrant not making a new post.

While going through my list of pkm files, the legality of some are only in question when it comes to the IV values. Example...


► IVs This Pokémon is likely edited or RNG abused.

This small thing BOTHERS me, and I'm wondering if theres a specific way to get rid of this while maintaining my 5iv.

Thank you!

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So it's just unavoidable?

Sometimes I get probably hacked, likely hacked, rng abused...depending on the value. Is this as good as it gets or is there something I can do to make it a step better?

Legality checking is largely objective, but some things that are possible are unlikely. That warning is a subjective observation that it doesn't normally happen. It is common in hacks, but is not proof.

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