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PokeGen compatibility with X & Y (For the most part)

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Hello Pokemon Project, i'm new here and I am glad to be a part of this community, however,

I am not new to PokeGen as a program, just the forum.

I figured a way to use PokeGen for X & Y, mostly. I'll explain.

So, a 3DS app is being released and is called Pokemon Bank. Some of you probably

saw this, if not, here:

Sadly, you must pay for the app, annually, but it does not look so bad.

The point is, Pokemon Bank has a feature of transporting BW/BW2

Pokemon, thus giving me an idea, hoping to cheer any disappointed fans

up because of PokeGen's hiatus upon being taken over by Bond697.

The downside is you can't make custom 6th Gen Pokemon, but this seemed worth sharing,

as you can make custom 1-5 Gen Pokemon, and send them to X & Y through Pokemon Bank, which is nice if you want to make a team for online, (not saying you should) or anything.

***Note: As long as you have a Legit made pokemon, Nintendo should not be able to classify it as a hacked Pokemon.

Pokemon Bank will be out soon, and i'll update the topic upon it's release. Maybe this could be a counter for the time being? PokeBuilder, an I-App has said they are working on a X & Y update, too!

Hope this helps anyone, look forward to Pokemon Bank and PokeBuilder's update and things should be okay :creep:

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I hate to be the downer, but... gonna shut this down.

In this forum, we do not talk about trying to circumvent Nintendo's hack checks.

At this time, it is unknown if Bank or Transporter/Mover will have any kind of terms of service (since it is a subscription service), but if it does, you can bet that we will not allow discussion on what their hack checks can or can't detect. We do know that TPC has stepped up their hack checks and will be doing even more to check in Gen VI. Also, it is not possible to make "legit" Pokemon. If you don't want to have any trouble with Bank or Transporter/Mover, you are best off not even attempting to transfer in Pokemon that have been hacked in any way, regardless of whether or not you think they'll pass any hack checks.

As for the downside of Pokegen being that you can't edit 6th Gen Pokemon... what purpose would that even serve as there are currently no ways to edit save files, execute AR codes, or exploit wireless functions such as the GTS?

As for Pokebuilder, that is a despicable app that charges exorbitant fees for "legit" events (they are not legit), and extra features. All they did was take other people's work and dump it into an app with a mock GTS server and charge people to unlock more features. I'm surprised that this app hasn't been removed from Apple's store (it has been removed from the Google Play store) with how vocal TPC has been against it. Furthermore, I personally think this app is what caused the high number of disqualifications due to hacked pokemon in the most recent GBU Wi-fi tournament (mostly in part to PokeBuilder telling its users that their pokemon will be considered "legit" no matter what oddball things they put into the editing fields).

tl;dr By definition, it is not possible to hack "legit" Pokemon. It is unwise/uncool to use any kind of hacked Pokemon in services or for purposes that TPC and/or Nintendo say that you shouldn't... and you most definitely should not discuss it here.

Here's a link to an announcement that is plastered all over this forum that details our policy on such matters.

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since we're commenting, pokebuilder's "working on it" means that they're waiting for pokecheck or someone else to figure it out so they can rip it from whoever actually does the work.

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