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Standalone Wonder Card tool neededI

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I'd like to save a few trusty HM slaves as Mystery Gifts that can be shared with other players. Unfortunately, I have no coding skill and know of only one program (Pokesav BW) that includes a Wonder Card creation tool. Both of my most recent attempts were duds; the deliveryman gave my avatar two empty gifts. (I'm attaching a .rar file of the bad cards; anyone who's able and willing to fix them can keep the Pokémon. :cool: )

Those failures with Pokesav BW left me wondering: does another tool exist for non-coders who want to turn Pokémon data into .pgf files? Either conversion from .pkm format or manual stat entry is fine with me, as long as the resulting Wonder Cards work. (I'm using an old PC with WinXP Home Edition, if that's relevant.) Many thanks for helping out!

Mystery Gift Card.rar

Mystery Gift Card.rar

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PikaEdit is user-friendly and works reasonably well--except that my monitor (already set to 1280x1024) cut off about a third of the program window on the right. Can the window be resized with a settings tweak? If not, I'm hoping that the coders allow resizing in the next version. Stil, it's a decent tool for homebrew gift-card hacking; my test card worked OK in Volt White 2.

Unfortunately, PMGE ran very badly on my PC; I've reported this problem to the developers (see the link above)

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