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Post your team you're going to use to beat red here (or that you beat him with 1st)

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I currently HAVE NOT beaten red and attempted facing him and was terribly out classed this is the team Im currently working on. Let me know what you think (suggestions are welcomed) and post your teams here. I am not posting my teams levels as i am still leveling them up. So, I have:

Ampharos @ magnet

Power gem

Fire punch

Focus blast

Charge beam

Arbok @ black sludge

Mud bomb

Ice fang

Gunk shot


Houndoom @ blackglasses


Dark pulse

Sunny day

Solar beam

Gyrados (I forgot the held item)


Ice fang

Hyper beam

Hydro pump

Snorlax @ leftovers


Ice beam



Graveler (will evolve him soon) @ rock inscence

Stealth rock

stone edge


Rock climb

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What are your Pokemon's levels?

I can beat the Cinnabar Island Gym using only Articuno with Mind Reader + Sheer Cold.

Here are some tips:

Amphros can be used against Blastoise and Lapras because it has an offensive advantage while not being weak to any of their moves.

Houndoom can be used against Venasaur. If you can teach it a Fighting-Type move, it can probably go against Snorlax.

Gyarados can be used against Charizard.

Graveler can be used against Pikachu.

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