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Pokemon White 2 Post game team remodeling/ Get your own team rated or revised

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Hey guys,

I just got into the White 2 post game and would like some expert advice on good Pokemon to pick up now that the horizons have widened for what can be caught. I also have all of Yancy's Pokemon that she trades you by talking to her. So right now I have My Salamence and 5 slots that i need to fill to make my team complete for the post game. So between Yancy's Pokemon and all the new ones that can be caught in the wild i would like suggestions on Pokemon to fill the last 5 slots with and move sets i should also give them, this would all be most appreciated :)! As well as that this thread i opened up is also a place where you guys can post your Pokemon teams and get them rated or revised :D, So i appreciate any help given and thanks ahead of time guys :D!

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