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Action Replay 3Ds - Problem


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I bought a new Action Replay 3Ds , after i got home i loaded the new firmware update (October 2012) onto my AR3Ds, i loaded a game into it(Pokemon White), loaded it into my 3Ds, my 3Ds's version is 6.0.0-11U. I started the Action Replay 3Ds , then to my dismay i received a message saying that an error has occurred, please press the power button to turn off my system. i learned that the Nintendo 3Ds firmware update will block the Action Replay 3Ds. but the Action Replay 3Ds will work on my DSi . So if you don't have the 6.0.0-11U version on your 3Ds it will work with Action Replay 3Ds. DO NOT update your 3Ds to the new version (6.0.0-11U). Just letting everyone know about this problem with the Action Replay 3Ds.


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