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BW B2W2 Event - Singing Eevee (Japan)


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To commemorate the opening of this year's movie, a special concert event will be held at Lala Port in Toyosu on July 13th, between 5 and 5:45pm. Ikimonogakari will be performing the theme song from the new movie.

A special Singing Eevee will be distributed at this event.

People unable to attend can buy Ikimonogakari's new single which will contain a voucher for the Singing Eevee (redeemable at Toys R Us and Pokemon Centers between July 14 and Sept 1).

The Eevee is female, level 50

Knows Sing, Return, Echoed Voice, Attract

Adaptability, Event Ribbon, Cherish Ball, holding Silk Scarf

OT is: キヨ


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I hope they make this one Wi-Fi as well as with the new Jirachi so this way we all get it. Iknow someone who gets the events and farms them but I can't do it myself so I just trade for them. I am a traditional trader and not a fancy file trader xD.:)

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