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Well, after using the PokeRadar a lot, chaining, and having a few chains seemingly break for no reason, I was hoping to find out what exactly makes it work? I'm familair with ASM, but I'm not sure where I'd start with NDS. If anyone has information on solid evidence for how the PokeRadar works (mostly to keep the chain going, like how it calculates the chances of continuing the chain per patch), please post here.

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Well, I looked into this myself, and found something interesting...


That is what i disassembled, not finished, but it told me some things...

The probability of continuing a chain seem to be hard-coded.

If you faint a pokemon OR RESET the radar, your chances are:

28% for one away continuing

48% for two away continuing

68% for 3 away continuing

88% for 4 away continuing.

Now here's where it get's interesting... line 465 makes a compare, but normally this value is 1, so we get the above percentages.

However, if you catch a pokemon, the value gets set to 4, and uses a different set of percentages:

38% for one away continuing

58% for two away continuing

78% for 3 away continuing

98% for 4 away continuing.

This is much better, although keep in mind that even if you caught the previous pokemon, resetting the radar will set the percentages back down.

Also, keep in mind that this seems to be for the patch that you are currently chaining, so if you switch patch types, the probability is probably lower.

Here's a few Ram addresses i found too


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