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why my kindra looks like this?


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You got to let us see the legality analysis, but looking at it right now there's a lot of things wrong with it. First of all, that kingdra has way too much EV for it's level, secondly the name is in japanese but for some reason the language says english. Also, I don't think it's possible for kingdra to even learn those moves at level 11..

Edit: wth you can't even get a lvl 11 kingdra.

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Thank you, i think that i mess my kindra, i don´t know if this is against the rules, but im trying to make a kindra, because in the pas i has a kindra in my leaf green version so i miss my kindra, but every time that i try to make a normal kindra with the pokegen the name is in a different language, and the OT name says something about the trashbytes.

Im not making this kindra to use in online battles or something, also im using a the pokegen, that generetes pokemons, so i think that im not breaking the rules.

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