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AlphaMap - Alpha Legacy Development

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This is not a tool thread, do not ask for help as to how to get these programs working.

For those who do not know me, I am very against closed source. I created a program by the name of AlphaMap 4 years ago and have never released it. I promised that if I did not continue development by February 2013, I would release a reasonable amount of it for the sake of innovation.

My development for Pokemon research has been on hold for the longest time, and I do fear that I will not be getting back to it. I honestly wish I had more time for time for development of "fun" stuff, but that is not as reasonable as I had originally anticipated, so I can only really develop things which would actually further myself as an experienced developer (read: Pokemon development can only get me so far in life; it is neither profitable nor credible).

Word of warning: These programs are released as is; I have not cleaned them up at all. There are many quirks within them that are likely hard to understand.


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