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An issue with trading in Gen 4 and working through the main game...

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So I grew tired of going through the main game with your starter and the usual assortment of Pokemon you catch at the 1st and 2nd routes you encounter (Bidoof, Starly, etc...). So I traded some breeded level 1's (including Gible, Mr. Mime, Turtwig, Taillow, and Snover) over to my Platinum from my Diamond. Not to cheat or anything, just to experience the game differently from the beginning rather than mid or endgame.

But the damn things won't listen to me. They're only level 13-ish and all but my starter (Piplup) has major issues listening to my commands. I've beaten the first gym (barely) and am not looking forward to gym #2 (Grass-type). Am I just boned until I get 2 badges?

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