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B2W2 DW Event - Scizor PGL


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Nobody talk about this cool Pokemon?

If you participate to Pokemon League and have a Pokemon Trainer Club account you could receive a red scrizor ! Yeah red ! ...

Between December 20, 2012, and February 21, 2013, visit the Pokémon Global Link to get Scizor.

He know: - Poursuit

- Stell Wing

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I'm sure i could travel across town and bribe the official running the pokemon league here, but i would have to get over there, meet him/her, bribe them, and take a three hour bus ride both ways.... and it's effing cold, so no, i don't think i can do this one. If they had more events in town and not on the other side of town (literally 45 minute drive, three hours one way by bus) Then i'd have already gotten it and turned it in to you guys here at PP.

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