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Pokesav changes a Pokemon's originally input level?


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I wasn't sure what section to make this thread in, so if it's in the wrong one, sorry about that.

I've noticed that occasionally when I use Pokesav, it reduces/increases the original level that I give a Pokemon.


I recently made a Gliscor at Lv. 80. So, after inputting the level, I fixed everything else on it and checked over it to make sure everything looked right.

Apparently the level of Gliscor had increased to 86.

That has happened with multiple other Pokemon, like an Aggron I made before (Lv. 100 at first, decreased to 99 at the end.)

I have some Pokemon templates, too, and the template was originally made at Lv. 5. Whenever I load it into Pokesav, the level varies from Lv. 3-6.

It's not too much of a problem, but it's somewhat annoying...

Anyone know why it does that? :confused:

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The template problem you have probably stems from the fact that different Pokemon need different amounts of experience to get to the same level. Pokemon do not store their level directly anywhere in their data. Instead, their accumulated EXP is stored and the level is derived from that.

So, when you load a one of the .pkm templates, the level will be calculated from the EXP. Whenever you change the species, the EXP does not change and the level is recalculated.

Are you inputting the level before, or after changing the species to Gliscor?

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