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Questions regarding POKESAV


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Hello. This is my first post here, and I need help with using pokesav, and how it works.

No I have not downloaded anything yet from pokesav, I'm posting to see how it works, since I don't want to download something, and find out I am not able to use it.

Please do not call me a noob or whatever, I am asking so I could know what I'm using.:biggrin:

Firstly, I need to know if pokesav requires any Wi-Fi on the part of my DS, my DS will not connect to my router, since I added WPA security, and the DS only accepts none, or WEP. At this point, changing WPA to WEP is not an option since all my consoles and computers are already hooked up, I don't want to re-connect ALL my systems.

Secondly, I know you download a file, like certain mystery gifts, pokemon, etc..., but how does it send it from my computer to my DS?

And Finally, what else can you use Pokesav for, other than hacking pokes and mystery gifts?

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well first thing first, you can find the download link to pokesav and links to .pkm files (the pokemon themselfs) and events pokemon at this site's homepage, now as for your questions, the pokesav itself dosnt have anything to do with Wi-Fi with your DS but if you whant to get the pokemon you whant there are 3 options: by code (AR required), trade (Wi-Fi connection required) and edit your .sav file (with a flash card, if you can do it by another way i do not know how), pokesav can change your items, poketch, poffins, seals, record, underground items and a few other things, basicly pokesav can change anything basic you have in your game (not makeing non-exist pokemon like ??? arceus), if you have any questions you can pm me anytime

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Thanks, so I guess I do need to get Wi-Fi hooked up to my DS (read my above post reason 1) :frown::frown:.

I also saw some files you can download here, it will save without needing the actual pokesav?

The tutorial I saw was to make your own pokes, and edit them...yes I'm looking for arceus (x18 + all plates), and some legendaries so I can HAVE them (not for battle purposes)

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well if you have an AR (Action Replay) then you can just use codes to get the pokemon you whant, and the .pkm files you saw for download here are the made pokemon you cannot use them with anything else besides pokesav (after you upload them with pokesav then you can edit your sav file so they will be in there, or make an AR code that places them somewhere, like storage or party.) and as long as the pokemon you whant to make exists then pokesav can make it, 18 arceuss' each holding a different plate and the other legendaries can be made with the pokesav.

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