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BW Event - Nobunaga's Black Rayquaza


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A Shiny Rayquaza that's LV70 will be Distributed on Wi-Fi Connection March 17th through April 16th to celebrate the launch of Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition. It's OT will be ノブナガ, as it's Nobunaga's Rayquaza.. More details are still to come.


Level: 70

OT: ノブナガ

Ability: Air Lock

Nature: ???


Dragon Pulse



Dragon Dance

Item: ???

Pokeball: Cherish

Ribbon: Classic

Location: ???

Date: 03/17 ~ 04/16

Distribution Type: Wi-Fi Connection


4gamer (Confirmation of Event)

Pokemon.co.jp (Official site announcement)

Event Gallery entry

PokeCheck / PKM Submission

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Awmg ♥

Shiny Rayquaza looks so great.

I like how it's Lv. 70, that will allow me to actually train it to level 100 (I'm looking at you, せんきょ Rayquaza >_>)

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