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Okay, this is my UU Team and I have done pretty well with it so I'm gonna post it!


Ceaser (Ambipom) (M) @ Normal Gem

Trait: Technician

EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd

Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)

- Fake Out

- Acrobatics

- U-turn

- Low Sweep

In my opinion, this is the best UU Lead Ever! Start off with an over powered Fake Out (Normal Gem). Acrobatics gives off extra power from no item held. U-Turn for a get-a-way move. Low Sweep is just an awesome filler that abuses that Technichan Trait.


Mystic (Xatu) (M) @ Leftovers

Trait: Magic Bounce

EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SDef

Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)

- Thunder Wave

- Roost

- Night Shade

- U-turn

Mystic is great for leads who set up stealth rocks or spikes or whatever status and stuff. The strategy is to Fake Out with Ambipom and then switch into Xatu. Or if the lead is ghost type, switch right away! Then, he MAGIC BOUNCES the status/set up right back at his opponent. Yes opponent, you may pull your hair out now. He can even set up some status of his own on the switch (Predicting there will be one) He also makes a great wall!


Bug Demon (Yanmega) (M) @ Choice Specs

Trait: Tinted Lens

EVs: 4 Def / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd

Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)

- Bug Buzz

- Air Slash

- U-turn

- Giga Drain

Yanmega deals off great damage no matter what it uses because of its ability. Choice Specs > Scarf for boosted power and because it has amazing speed already. Bug Buzz, Air Slash and U-turn get STAB. Giga Drain is for extra health when needed.


Quaggy (Quagsire) (M) @ Leftovers

Trait: Unaware

EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SDef

Careful Nature (+SDef, -SAtk)

- Curse

- Recover

- Earthquake

- Waterfall

Quaggy is just... an annoyance to teams. The idea is to switch on a stupid attack or a wall that wont deal much damage or something and then curse up. HAHA WALLS, EAT YOUR BERRY NOW! Oh wait, YOU CAN'T :trollfaec: Eventually, physical attackers attack, and Quaggy laughs at them as he recovers, eats his lefties and hits back with powerful moves. E-quake and Waterfall get STAB.


Cerberus (Houndoom) (M) @ Focus Sash

Trait: Flash Fire

EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd

Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)

- Flamethrower

- Dark Pulse

- Nasty Plot

- Counter

Okay, this hell dog gets a KO almost every battle. Against physical attackers, use counter when you know they attack physically. It kills soooo much as it lives with 1 HP left thanks to Focus Sash. Or if you think you can pull it off, go for the Nasty Plot sweep! Flamethrower for STAB, Dark Pulse for STAB, Nasty Plot for even more fire power, and Counter is explained above. To add "Fire Power" there is "FLASH FIRE"


Red Eyes (Flygon) (M) @ Choice Scarf

Trait: Levitate

EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd

Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)

- Earthquake

- Outrage

- U-turn

- Stone Edge

The ultimate revenge killer! Earthquake to destroy steels that plague Flygon, Outrage for powerful STAB, U-turn to get away from things, and Stone Edge as a filler that removes ice types that threaten him greatly.

So yeah, that's is my team! Rate it and give some good tips!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I hate leaving threads like this out, but as I have told you, I have not touched the metagame in such a long time. However, your team does seem to cover a lot of weaknesses, which is not too bad. However, there are some flaws I can see:

- Lead game is non-existent due to Team Preview:

Due to team preview, some people will just switch in an anti-anti-lead like Hitmontop to trump your Ambipom if you always depend on it as lead :/

- Lack of spinner:

Although a spinner is not completely necessary due to Xatu, and how Xatu tends to scare many of the Stealth Rock users such as Nidoqueen, what will happen if Xatu is gone? It seems your Houndoom strategy is very reliant on entry hazards off the field, particularly the counter one. Yanmega particularly would appreciate Stealth Rocks gone, and Xatu itself hates Stealth Rocks as well. That being said, you also have no way on setting up Rocks yourself unless your foe does it for you, which is not always guaranteed. I don't know what you would replace though, and I don't know what spinners are available at this tier, so sorry for my short response. I mean, you can just stick with your set up with Xatu if you play so well, but don't depend on it.

- Presence of Victini, Mew, etc...

I am sure those guys are still UU, correct me if I'm wrong. I think a more versatile method to use Houndoom is by going mixed, especially with Pursuit or something. Victini can murder many of your Pokemon inside and out and as ParaDoX65 and Lorshinator told me, Chandelure is UU. Again, I don't know the specific sets at the moment, but something like Pursuit / Sucker Punch / HP Grass / Fire Blast with Life Orb should be self-sustaining and keeping checks like those out, otherwise they will keep switching. HP Grass is for those Quagsires, which are like everywhere last time I played. I'm not too keen about Nasty Plot sets because once it sets up, something else comes in and can revenge the thing, like Arcanine with Close Combat or something. At least that is what I'm thinking.

Again I apologise, because I did not participate in the metagame in such a long time, but I will get back to you once I do more research. I think though, you should put in a threat list or something that you have come up with. Don't just put up a team until you have tested it. Have you found something that can particularly put a stop to your team?

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Wraith, your a RMT GOD! lol

Okay, for your lead comments I say that ambipom will still work. First, I use Fake Out all the time (Unless its ghost) and it just dishes damage at first. If the opponent switches to hitmontop, I either risk an Acrobatics without a mach punch or switch to Xatu or Yanmega who can resist fighting like gods and counter it. Yanmega is probably better for speed and Air Slash but yeah.

As you said, my Houndoom is very reliant on no rocks/spikes. And your idea of your houndoom makes more sense so thanks for that! I'll test him out soon and let you know results.

Same as you, I have no idea who I would replace for a spinner.

http://www.smogon.com/bw/tiers/uu <- those are the UU Pokemon but anyways Mew, Shaymin (Normal) and Victini are the only ones of the legendaries your talking about. As for Victini murduring me, 3 of my pokemon resist fire and 3 of my pokemon resist psychic. for Grass, there are 4 resistants. But yes, I guess they might be threats. Although I have tested the team MANY times, i haven't found an exact weakness... Thanks though! I'll test suggestions later

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Wow... UU is scary. Heracross, Zapdos, and Suicune in UU? I have a lot to look into then. I'm going to assume this RU tier is lower than UU, so anything from RU and NU are fair game to place in as well.

I'm more worried about Victini's V-Create... that thing hits for 135 base power even when resisted, and it is not its only attack. But yeah, Houndoom with max attack, speed and I guess the extra 4 points in SpA since Houndoom's Special Attack is naturally high anyways will give Psychics and Ghosts like Victini and Mew and Mismagius much trouble. It is very prediction heavy, however, so it somehow requires skills to pull off. I'm quite interested in Krookodile at the moment because of his convenient typing gives him immunity to Electric and Psychic moves, but many of the Psychics I used to face are like NU or RU now. Hmmm...

Of course, remember it's all about the practice, not just the maths and whatnot. The only spinners I see are Blastoise and Hitmontop. Strangely, Donphan is in OU now. Rats. But the biggest question is: what's your team's goal? Or is it just one of those "balanced teams" that do not have a real weakness or strengths?


Here's something to look at if you are interested in your weaknesses, but resistances are probably more important I think to have safe switch-ins. What's worrysome is your lack of Water and Normal resistances, and those types of attacks hit hard! I'm not too worried about Dragon though because this is not OU.

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Ahh yes, Marriland team builder. I used that before but not for this team. Normal and water... Yeah I see why I should be scared of those I guess but idk. The goal of this team? Well... Not much besides switch ins and things like that. I wanted to defenders and then the rest attackers. But other than that, i think its balanced... not sure

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I believe you are mistaking unaware for unnerve on your Quagsire. Actually, I don't know if ignoring the foe's stat changes is good for your strategy, but maybe you should consider changing its ability to Water Absorb to help covering your weakness.

Dream World Quagsire gets Unaware, and it's VERY useful. It puts a full stop on anything that thinks they can set up and sweep a team, and has access to Recover. Unfortunately it loses that water immunity, but even so, it's a great boon to Quagsire.

He hasn't really stated a strategy yet though, so until then, I'm waiting until he runs into trouble against something.

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Okay I guess I came up with a small strategy.

Ambipom uses Fake Out. Either kill the opponent with a boosted Acrobatics or Low Sweep OR if Ambipom is faster, U-Turn to Xatu on someone who will set up or just switch to Xatu. Xatu reflects things and could paralyze them. Then I can switch/U-Turn Xatu out to either Houndoom or Quagsire depending on the opponent. The paralyze will either make the opponent switch or stun them for a turn, letting me able to set up Curse/Nasty Plot. If they fail, I can come in with a late game sweep from a Choiced Physical (Flygon) or a Choiced Special (Yanmega)!

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Forgot U-turn to Xatu
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I really don't like that Ambipom, Having a normal Gem on a guy that's meant to switch out seems pointless. In fact I hate the gems in general; I refuse to see their viability - Even more so in this Case!! Switch it for a Life orb so you can consistantly get a power boost. A 10% boost across all moves is much better than a one of 50%. Think of it like this, You will be faking out and U-Turning most of the time anyway, why not have each one be slightly more powerful? I know acrobatics is nice and powerful for it, but you have no STAB on acrobatics; unlike Gliscor, and it adds very little in the way of coverage. So I would go as far as to say replace that move for taunt and just go the tried and true method of Ambipom. Taunt will help infinitely more than Acrobatics. Whilst you may nail... Primeape or something acrobatics, taunt allows you to immobalise a wall and set up on it, which could potentially win you the match or save you from a potentially game changing situation. Meh didn't mean to say quite so much; not played in a while.


You can use Houndoom to your advantage in much better ways than you are, sash-countering died when the lead game did, and given you have no spinner you're not going to be pulling off any surprise feat any time soon, and then all you've done is lost arguably your best defence to victini. More on that in a second.

I have a problem with half of your team, personally, now I'm out of touch so don't take me too seriously but you asked me to take a look so here I am ;). Now half of your team is weak to rock, you have no spinner and only one resistance to a rock barrage. So, killing two problems with one ...rock (god I suck)... change your ambipom for hitmontop, You can use hitmontop in a similar way to ambipom, he can come in on the lead position when you have no idea what to do and spam Fake Out, he can also provide much needed rapid spin support and get rid of one of your biggest threats; CB/CS Mamoswine with Mach punch.

Hitmontop @ Life orb



240 HP / 252 Atk / 16 Spe

- Fake Out

- Mach Punch

- Rapid Spin

- Sucker Punch / Foresight

Not only will he help in the aforementioned areas but he is a great self sufficent spinner. Last time I played UU there were a few Mismagius playing weird games and he can instantly get rid of then with sucker punch; just watch out for will-o-wisp, with foresight he can demolish spiritomb, too, but again watch out for being burnt. He can also revenge Kill victini, too!

Now, houndoom, he's going to be your best bet against things like Alakazam, Victini and Mew. Victini will be firing off V-Creates all day long, if it's a choice band variant you ppretty much demolish it straight up with pursuit; however you will need Stealth Rocks to ensure the OHKO, If you put technitop on team you will probably see more Psychic attacks being dished out by 'Zam and Mew, meaning you have prime chance to switch in and remove them with Sucker Punch, again Stealth Rock support is needed to ensure the OHKO on Offensive Varients of mew. However don't assume you're safe from victini with this change, if victini is a LO varient you will need to try and use quagsire as best as you can, and if it it's an Expert belt Bluffing a choice band, then it's safe to say you're a goner if you don't read it quickly enough, if you see hidden power grass assume it has an expert belt until you know otherwise; depends on how smart the person your against is aswell, though. Forget what I said about zam didn't realise he's now OU

So that's a few offencive threats dealt with. You should be able to deal with heracross. Roserade could be problematic, just try not to let Houndoom die if you see roserade in Team Preview. In fact qith Quagsire you should be able to deal with most offencive threats in a round about way.

Defencive threats; I don't see you getting passed many of them if I'm honest. Problem with balanced teams is that they really struggle against anything that's got strong defences, for instance I don't see you getting passed Bronzong and Suicune; two pokemon I'm sure we're going to start seeing being paired up. I don't see you getting passed Snorlax anytime soon, And you got no chance against a defencive Zapdos. Youch, I'm gunna have to mull this over a bit. Simply put, you need a strong wall breaker or just someone that can break stall... OR someome that can do both without adding another weakness elsewhere. This pokemon will probably go over Yanmega. Sorry I couldn't be more help for the mass amount that I wrote lol.

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Wow, that's a lot! lol thanks for noticing my thread and umm I am very much thinking about the hitmontop suggestion! I like it a lot and for the Houndoom... You suggest a choice band if I understand right? Well.. Being his 90 attack and his 110 Sp. A, is that good? Do you think it could do enough?

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No no, when I said choice band I was referring to Victini, sorry I wasn't more clear. If it's choice locked at all, houndoom will annihilate it. Houndoom probably wants a set like:

Houndoom @ Life Orb/ Expert Belt

Flash Fire

Hasty / Lonely

252 Atk / 12 SpA / 244 Spe


Over Heat

Sucker Punch / Crunch / Dark Pulse

Hidden Power Grass / Will-o-wisp / thunderfang

I'll explain a little; for the most part you're only really concerned with pursuit, take out them pesky Mew and Victini. Overheat coincides with the EV spread perfectly; You outspeed and OHKO Nidoking, a pretty big threat in UU, not only that but you can get a 2HKO on Nidoqueen most of the time (and certainly if there are Rocks on their side on the field) which is one less threat for you to deal with. (as a side note, Over Heat will also OHKO Bronzong whilest Crunch can get a 2HKO). A plausible scenario would be:

Turn X

Opponant switches in Victini

Turn 2

Victini uses V-Create

You switch in Houndoom

Houndoom gets a flash fire boost

Turn 3

Opponant Switches out Victini

You use Pursuit

Victini is OHKOd

Turn 4

Opponant switches in Nidoqueen

Houndoom uses Overheat (Min damage 64% W/o Flash fire boost, minimum 95% after Flash Fire [OHKO if Stealth Rocks are on their side])

A) Nidoqueen faints

B) Nidoqueen Uses Earth Power (Maximum of 74%)

C) Nidoqueen uses Stealth Rocks (if they expect you to switch out)

Turn 5 (if it lasts that long)

Houdoom Uses Overheat

Nidoqueen faints.

Scenarios like that help me build my team. I'm always thinking "Ok this moveset means that I can accomplish X, the opponant will react via Y, so I need Z to keep momentum"

Using that template for the above example:

"This moveset means that I can beat Victini and Mew pursuit, the Opponant will react by sending in a wall to scare me, so I need a move that will keep momentum in my hands" the move in question here is Overheat.

As for the rest of the set, Dark Pulse, Crunch, Sucker Punch are reliable consistant second Stab options, for instance you might be against a, I dunno, Weakened altaria (around 60% HP) and you need a solid move to hurt it, 40bp Pursuit isn't going to be much help and itit resists Over Heat, so Crunch is the way to go. Sucker Punch is for if you're worried about Azelf and other Dark weak yet fast attackers, such as Mismagius and to an extent Rotom. The last slot is filler, really. Hidden Power Grass will help with Quagsire, and the newly UU Swampert, Will-o-wisp means you can cripple something on the way down; IE Intimidate Hitmontop who rarely pack Mach Punch, you can outspeed him and burn him on the way down, toxic could work here, too, to cripple slowbro. Thunderfang is lol, but it's an option over hidden power grass.

Anyway to sum up that set, if you can use it effectively and find it the right support it can actually really help you with your current issues that you face against a lot of walls whilst also removing some potentially lethal offencive threats. The only problem you might face with houndoom is that he doesn't have longevity like Arcanine (Arcanine is probably better suited for Balanced teams for that reason) however his movepool does make up for it.

Again, sorry for being so long winded.

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Ahhh I see what you mean. I think imma go with something like this:

Houndoom @ Life Orb

Flash Fire


252 Atk / 12 SpA / 244 Spe


Over Heat

Sucker Punch

Hidden Power Grass

Does that seem right? Also for your "XYZ" method, it seems interesting... Do you think you could show me more examples or something, cause I am kinda poor at making movesets and I kinda always wanted to make a team using only original movesets. Thanks Bird!

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It's about thinking, more than anything. It all starts with a goal, let's start with a basic one - A desired sweeper. Now your team should be tailored to give that chosen pokemon every advantage towards a successful sweep. First part is picking the pokemon you want to sweep, now, you can do this by just having a favourite pokemon that has the tools to sweep or by looking at the top 10-20 used pokemon and find a pokemon that can beat most of them under the right circumstances. So the next part is the moveset, you can straight up rip from smogon, which isn't a bad thing!!! They have put the hours into testing, it's fine to use that to your advantage. Now let's say you're using Lucario in this instance. His short comings are his speed and frailty, he also has a few solid checks that he's never getting passed. So we know that our team has to make up for what he lacks, this means we need a pokemon that are going to create opportunities for him to switch in whilst also removing threats to his sweep, and they also have to support him well. He's going to run a fairly standard set of:

Lucario @ Life Orb

Inner Focos (I believe that's his ability anyway)


252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe

- Swords Dance

- Close Combat

- Extreme Speed

- Crunch

This is beaten everyday of the weak by Gliscor, so we need a way of getting Gliscor out of the picture first and foremost. Your best bet is to use a lure, Jirachi works great because he shares the same weaknesses as Lucario and can usually be beaten by Gliscor, so what are we going to do? Tailor our Jirachi to beat Gliscor! "If I send in Jirachi, the opponant will send out Gliscor as gliscor can't be paralysed (usually), I know Gliscor has a crippling weakness to Ice, so I will use hidden power Ice on the set, however if my opponent even hints at there being something funky going on he won't send gliscor out and I will lose my chance to remove my sweepers counter! So I need to make my Jirachi look completely normal in most regards, I'll give him Leftovers and a moveset of Body Slam / Iron Head / Wish / Hidden Power Ice and through the match use him as normal until I see Gliscor appear and then unload with Hidden Power Ice" boom, biggest threat eliminated. And with Jirachi you've also gained a huge boon in as much as with body slam you can paralyse fast pokemon like Latios and random choice scarfed 'mons which means they won't threaten Lucario's sweep. Now you need a way to get Lucario, you need to lure a few pokemon out that mean Lucario can switch in every day of the week. Chansey will be your best bet, so now you know you need a special attacker that will Draw Chansey out. Rotom-W would be great here as he covers your other two pokemon's weakness perfectly and they resist his sole weakness. Now your best set here would be a Choice Scarf set:

Rotom-W @ Choice Scarf


Modest / Timid

4 Hp / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

- Trick

- Volt Switch

- Thunder Bolt

- Hydro Pump

This set works brilliantly for what you want because you can cripple physical walls like Skarmory with a Choice Scarf, meaning he won't be doing much for very long, once you've ditched your scarf Chansey and Blissey won't fear switching in on you, and when they do you Volt Switch out to Lucario who will take the expected toxic. they are then placed in a horrible position, they can ether stay in and try to hurt you with Seismic Toss, or they can switch out, either way you're going to get a +2 from swords dance and start tearing holes into the opponant's team.

Now all you need are a few pokemon that just make life easier, for instance you're now weak to Ferrothorn, you don't want to set up on it with Lucario because Ferrothorn will Twave it and ruin your game plan, so what you need now is something that can help with this without adding a weakness. Now Salamence can fit in perfectly here, he can smash holes in walls and make it easier for Lucario to clean up later on in the game, given he is weak to Ice and Dragon he also provides Lucario and Jirachi with means of switching in and he can roast the likes of Skarmory and Ferrothorn whilst being able to severely dent a lot of the bulky waters all of the place. His weaknesses are covered and he further covers the weaknesses of the rest of your team. Now magnezone could be used in this slot to remove skarmory and Ferrothorn, however he would fuurther add to your ground and fighting weaknesses without helping very much in the way of coverage, because he'd be running a similar set to Rotom-W.

Now I know this post is wildly irrelevent to your team, however I want you to apply that sort of logic to this team, even if it means getting rid of half of the team. Hopefully you can see where I used the XYZ thing all throughout there, and I hope I've helped.

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All you need is a Reuniclus and a Haxorus and you'll win because they hit too hard and OHKO stuff anyways... oh too bad they're OU </endGenVskepticism>

Hm if you're talking about a goal, that's certainly one way of doing it. Help one Pokemon sweep the rest is a very common one, but always have a contingency plan in hand in case it fails. If you're going that route, don't set up too early until you know it's a good time. That might require a huge overhaul in your team btw, as Houndoom looks like a supporting force rather than a sweeper at this point.

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Yeah I think I want to start a goal to this team, the supporting the one pokemon one... I don't know who to support it around though..

EDIT: I was thinking Bisharp.. It looks like a Dark, UU version of Lucario :P Maybe something like this?:

Bisharp @ Leftovers



252 HP / 252 ATK / 4 Speed

-Swords Dance

-Brick Break

-Night Slash

-Sucker Punch


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Pick a favourite mate, anything that you think will do decently well. Heck, Tbird here tried this for Butterfree. Mind you, I don't know if it was successful or not, but...

UU/RU/NU <--- enjoy.

Or you can stick to your Houndoom and have support Pokemon taking out threats like Fighters and Grounds.

Also, it doesn't really have to be one guy sweeping in the end. I did that for Heracross actually, but it sometimes ended up that my support Pokemon ended up beating everything (usually the support Gyarados) on this team. And it doesn't even have to be a sweep but a mean stall (not like that's viable now because EVERYTHING HITS TOO STUPIDLY HARD) *calms down*...

EDIT: If you're using Bisharp, act accordingly to adjust your team then, concentrating on the fact Bisharp lures Fighters and Ground/Fire attack users. Also, you must test it out before I can give any sort of a rate (which pales in comparison to Trollbird's...) and see if you know your threats.

In that case, you should make a new RMT since it's a completely different team.

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