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Celebi and Jirachi

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Hey guys and gals,

It's my first time to trying to create event pokes, didn't realize it's that hard.

I've been trying to create a legal Celebi. All I see 10 Aniv. Celebi, is there's other ways to get Celebi? By the way, I don't want JPN or other Foreign Celebi, just US Celebi. I have no clue about met in, date, and hex values.

For Jirachi, Wishmkr, not sure where to met in, date, and hex values.

If someone can help me make Celebi and Jirachi, that will be great.



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There's always the ones downloadable from the database here if you just want specimens of each for your game, however I don't believe the PID/IV relationship for these type of GBA events has yet been made available. Whether or not it ever will be, I can't say. It would seem rather unlikely, though, as no doubt there are many people who'd abuse it and create tons of legitimate-appearing GBA event Pokemon.

Personally, I'd kind of like to know the relationship to satisfy my own curiousity, but I can see why it's the kind of thing that might be best left unknown by the masses.

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I'm positive that the only US Celebi event that can be on D/P/Pt is the 10 ANIV one.

The met place for both Celebi and Jirachi should be Pal Park, with their hometown as:

Jirachi: Hoenn (Ruby or Sapphire)

Celebi: Pretty sure it can be from any region besides XD/Coliseum.

The date shouldn't really matter.

As for Hex... it depends on what game you're using.

Plat: 46h should be 37.

D/P: All zero.

And these Pokemon have to be: Common GBA Event (Restricted).

You could just download these off the site and modify them to your likings.

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