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Gamestop exchange policy?


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My SP has gone missing, and I want a new one. :< My Gameboy Colour is hard to see... So, yeah.

Anyways, I was wondering if you can exchange consoles at gamestop. I have an Xbox (Original >_>) and Gamecube that I don't really want, and since the folks at GS are con-artists, SPs are still 30 dollars, and games are still 40. Would they let me exchange the Xbox or Gamecube for an SP, or would it just take like, 10 dollars off of the cost?

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This sounds like one of those things you can call Gamestop and ask, since it may vary between different franchises/reigons and so on.

But the current generation of video game consoles is a good couple years into it. So the previous gen (PS2, Xbox, Gamecube) are probably being completely phased out, if they haven't already done so, with the possible exception of PS2 and it's games.

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