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Pokemon Purest White

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Hack of: Pokemon White

Wish Unova played like a more Difficult Pokemon game while still following the Unova Rule*?

Wish the Pokemon of Unova had decent Level-Up movepools?

Wish the Trainers were tougher without being stupidly tough?

Wish Certain Pokemon were available earlier earlier?

Wish You could be a shut-in and still get those pesky Trade Evolvers?

*Unova Rule-Only Unova Pokemon Pre-Game

Well Look No Further!

Pokemon Purest White!


Level-Up Moves have changed.

Later Trainers all carry Eviolites on their Unevolved Pokemon (All Gym Leaders bar-Straiton use it)

Veterans use Max Revives

Ace Trainers use Full Restores

Wild Pokemon Locations have sitched up a bit (Vullaby in Route 4, Pidove & Minccino on Route 1, Klink on Driftveil Bridge, etc...)

Team Plasma's Roster has been upgraded to incude: Karrablast line, Shelmet Line, and Pawniard Line.

Dark Grass is much tougher and will rarely yeild evolved forms of Pokemon found on the Route.

Shaking Grass now yeilds extremely tough pokemon in addition to Audinos.

Nurses and Docters are now EXP Clerics.

Gym Leaders are Tougher too, (I had to redo Striaton and Nimbasa several times).

The E4 still use 4 Pokemon, but the levels are increased to compensate.

Alder has a different roster.

Cynthia uses her Platinum team.

To evolve Trade Evolution Pokemon-

Normal Trade-Level Up at Night Holding the Gem that equals their Type.

Item Trade-Level Up holding Item

Specific Pokemon Trade-Level with that Pokemon in Party.

Thanks to Shaqnel from YouTube for the RBY wild theme used in Wild Battles.




All that's left to do-

Update a few more Pokemon's Movesets.

Change a few TM attacks*

Fix the glitched up Trainer sprites

Find a Good Patch Creator-Suggest PLEASE!

*Anyone know where the TM data is held? I wanna change a few, like Bug Opposition to Signal Beam.

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