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looking for D/P poketch matchup checker event


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i've been searching and scouring these forums for the poketch matchup checker app that you originally got in an event for pokemon diamond & pearl but the only refrence i can find to it was a few posts in the old contributions thread that was closed, does anyone have these files or know where i can get them?

i've also checked the compiled zip archive of the events that are on the site for genIV but that doesnt have it either...

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Card Title: ひみつのついかアプリ プレゼント

Card Comment: ポケモン ダイヤモンド・パ-ル

アメリカばん はつばいきねん!!

あいしょうのよい ポケモンを さがして


Pokemon Icon 1~3: 370

Date Card Received: 2007/04/28

Distribution Value & Game: 000C (D/P)


012 Matchup Checker [D&P].zip

012 Matchup Checker [D&P].zip

Edited by Nigoli
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is there an english version of this as well or was the event only released in japan? reason i ask is i only have the us retail cart. would this work on my us version?
There hasn't been a USA Version or any other Country Release from what my knowledge.

It should also work on the USA Retail Cartridge just fine, with the Card ID of #12 being used up by the Wonder Card.

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