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Looking for a Complete Pokedex Code with no Side-Effects...


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I recognize this is a bit of an old topic, but I hate having to complete the pokedex legit, but not being able to access the WiFi part of BW pokemon is equally as bad. is there any other complete pokedex code that works for Action Replay for pokemon black(and still allows you to use WiFi such as dream world)? please reply as soon as possible! any response is appreciated!!!

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Unfortunatly, the game and wi-fi is too smart to build a decent code for a complete pokedex but if you plug your save into an appliication known as pokegen you'll be able to complete your pokedex but you'll have the ability the edit single slots of the pokedex. so you can put everyone in there and kick out the event only pokemon so you don't look like a cheater. And you'll still be able to acsess the dream world with no problems

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