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Pokemon HG US version Nature Modifier Doesnt work..

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020D3F60 E12FFF1E

94000130 FDFF0000

020D3F60 EA0BB366

E23C0D00 00000030

E59F001C E5900000

E59F4018 E7943000

E2033A3E E1833523

E2833057 E7843000

E12FFF1E 02111880

0000F710 E1A00000

hye ive been using the above code to change my Male Growlithe nature to serious, but the codes also change its gender to Female, so i tried using gender modifer codes, the code does change my growlithe gender but also change it nature to calm..

can someone help me. i just caught the male Growlithe , like to trash, original nature is Bold met at lvl 14, random encounter no ar codes used..

i just wanted to change its nature to serious.

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