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Random's Team not making it online.

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I fixed it so that there wouldn't appear to be any problems. All the unova pokemon were hatched, excluding the volcorana as it should appear caught in relic castle, and yet, I am still getting errors.

Press Select - Box 1; slot 1-6

94000130 FFFB0000

0221BFAC 6F14B3A5

0221BFB0 4A810000

0221BFB4 FF0F75E2

0221BFB8 14B840F2

0221BFBC 5651FBB9

0221BFC0 4B2855A3

0221BFC4 63CC5188

0221BFC8 787F3246

0221BFCC 1F4D0AA4

0221BFD0 9303FF81

0221BFD4 038787C9

0221BFD8 734C9670


0221BFE0 57C38D9C

0221BFE4 F67C4E06

0221BFE8 EE6F56C1

0221BFEC 8345D258

0221BFF0 914F9524

0221BFF4 08351082

0221BFF8 AB8C7527

0221BFFC A7E948FC

0221C000 7BAE2F4F

0221C004 F0744397

0221C008 8BFC4AF1

0221C00C 0D67C705

0221C010 27E82ED3

0221C014 8402C5C2

0221C018 27318858

0221C01C C24C69A0

0221C020 DEC4050E

0221C024 BC5A3859

0221C028 181D24EF

0221C02C 4D32C454

0221C030 4F1416C5

0221C034 DDDA652D

0221C038 94110000

0221C03C D7E703D2

0221C040 C1F38B8A

0221C044 573871DE

0221C048 7A962DB1

0221C04C 3DB69C81

0221C050 AE08F2BB

0221C054 AC056497

0221C058 7DB18EB3

0221C05C 0929F4E6

0221C060 AD04FF97

0221C064 560B798A

0221C068 E18B3A3D

0221C06C ADBA9683

0221C070 E3EEE9A0

0221C074 FEE79BCF

0221C078 FF13EB88

0221C07C E46243D6

0221C080 23B71033

0221C084 EA9F228E

0221C088 7E6CF2BF

0221C08C 3F4D6E58

0221C090 388BA5FD

0221C094 BE34DBD1

0221C098 1D6C45F1

0221C09C CB5035D8

0221C0A0 BCC83703

0221C0A4 8CC28DDB

0221C0A8 2B1DF5AD

0221C0AC E4A20884

0221C0B0 DA14738A

0221C0B4 99ABD63E

0221C0B8 CD402D8B

0221C0BC B83214F3

0221C0C0 FDB00000

0221C0C4 6B87339E

0221C0C8 41CEEC13

0221C0CC 4D4EF1E7

0221C0D0 95871712

0221C0D4 5C75188F

0221C0D8 119718C8

0221C0DC 0B666FAA

0221C0E0 907AEC9F

0221C0E4 B56161C6

0221C0E8 DEAD5418

0221C0EC 9EF0F516

0221C0F0 796DF4AB


0221C0F8 0F51E051

0221C0FC 5991462A

0221C100 571BD086

0221C104 9604AA73

0221C108 6F0D21BF

0221C10C 9712D2E3

0221C110 1F01945A

0221C114 2A6C6A52

0221C118 9624F564

0221C11C 7DB34093

0221C120 AC427CA4

0221C124 A29F366D

0221C128 0A8AC954

0221C12C 34740A17

0221C130 6726BC72

0221C134 FF9F44D4

0221C138 B3A2C5A3

0221C13C 8B46AD46

0221C140 4293357D

0221C144 B774FA95

0221C148 B88E0000

0221C14C BF1705E0

0221C150 E406F788

0221C154 CE502584

0221C158 2E4E1806

0221C15C 8B24EC46

0221C160 A1CD9EFA

0221C164 52E5AAE5

0221C168 7BE61767

0221C16C 537D0303

0221C170 30170B80

0221C174 595C8A31

0221C178 3AC8E2EA

0221C17C ED4F0F1F

0221C180 E44170DC

0221C184 4187CBB5

0221C188 6F75BEE1

0221C18C 6DBB69A4

0221C190 6BCE23BE

0221C194 9E62493C

0221C198 B672ACD0

0221C19C EFD1C9AF

0221C1A0 870B18BD

0221C1A4 904167A8

0221C1A8 0BC85ED1

0221C1AC 412DC4F0

0221C1B0 5B8412E5

0221C1B4 D4B4D258

0221C1B8 C1EC6D25

0221C1BC 4FCFF59D

0221C1C0 8AF584ED

0221C1C4 248574B8

0221C1C8 7A37FA52

0221C1CC 50843587

0221C1D0 C0530000

0221C1D4 F90B0C60

0221C1D8 2A116216

0221C1DC D524FB6A

0221C1E0 36233153

0221C1E4 4046B589

0221C1E8 17836FDA

0221C1EC B23E1841

0221C1F0 201E20E3

0221C1F4 137C9953

0221C1F8 909959FB

0221C1FC CC09155C

0221C200 D7F0EE05

0221C204 6212AB34

0221C208 5589D5A7

0221C20C 82B16E48

0221C210 CC7B06AF

0221C214 97D7B13D

0221C218 361285AA

0221C21C 086C8260

0221C220 AFE0280C

0221C224 92F14CEC

0221C228 D37B3F18

0221C22C 4B31933A

0221C230 6E24F3CB

0221C234 73F40888

0221C238 9B95A281

0221C23C 09990F0C

0221C240 A2F70534

0221C244 97B642FC

0221C248 09D53FD6

0221C24C 5C031EEE

0221C250 4B6752DF

0221C254 E7409978

0221C258 9FE70000

0221C25C 88C3849D

0221C260 5C7226CC

0221C264 E9504A78

0221C268 C4A5CD73

0221C26C AC7D4A29

0221C270 3BE41C3C

0221C274 1F386535

0221C278 4AAF8430

0221C27C 92D66EA2

0221C280 6C8F628F

0221C284 C6D491C7

0221C288 777AAACC

0221C28C 61892C8B

0221C290 691E6BC8

0221C294 12FB9D0F

0221C298 527A624B

0221C29C AFA99E96

0221C2A0 AA1DCE31

0221C2A4 99165203

0221C2A8 AAB0BE3D

0221C2AC C1230A35

0221C2B0 6C9D4A47

0221C2B4 E9E70E91

0221C2B8 123F5F5C

0221C2BC AFD53B79

0221C2C0 09CD499A

0221C2C4 9B5D70D9

0221C2C8 36CCA0E7

0221C2CC F3B8C224

0221C2D0 B2AD1C0D

0221C2D4 8591B1F9

0221C2D8 761B4225

D2000000 00000000

Using the Legality Checker; it says they're all valid but denounces them as Hacked or Unknown pokemon with any indication as to why.

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