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I'm just looking for damage dealing moves, gonna start over with Flareon as my only pokemon (traded in at lv5 fully EVed =) ). However I'd like to get the best coverage to deal with overall types and counter it's weaknesses so far I have...

Flame Charge/Fire Fang (I like charge because of the +speed possibilities for longer battles)



Superpower/Iron Tail (I prefer Iron since it doesn't lower my stats)

Serebii list was pretty weak and I can't get onto Smogon for some reason. Thoughts?

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Fire blast

Toxic / Flame Charge / Fire Fang

Is about the best you can hope for and just use it as a wall breaker. Fire blast nails Skarmory / Ferrothorn / Forretress. Super Power hits Tar / Blissey hard. Return provides good enough coverage and power. Toxic can be used to hit Jellicent and other things that wall this set. The other two are you fire Physical STAB.

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I normally do not recommend this, but if you are playing a simulator or know how to RNG abuse properly, you can also try to aim for a Hidden Power Grass which can nail stuff like Rhyperior switch-ins. You can also try to run Hidden Power Ice because Dragons not named Hydreigon like to walk all over the set. Other than that, Tbird nailed it right in the head. Flame Charge, I found, is good and all, but for the wallbreaker, it is best to just hit hard and flee when you need to. After all, too many things just stop Flareon cold so hitting some switch-in hard (Return is probably the safest option to initially fire unless you know they like to switch in a Tyranitar), setting up is pretty tough. Oh yeah, Shadow Ball can be used to nail Chandelures who laugh at anything Flareon can throw at her. Or... Bite (lol) or Quick Attack, but mhh. Do what you please for the last slot. (Pity Flareon can't Zap Cannon like she used to)...

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