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Record for the pokeathlon.

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just a few things 1:stay on topic

2:no hacking the score

3:tell the truth

thats all here is my records.

Hurdle dash: 79.7 sec

Pennant capture:42 flags

Circle push:53 points

Block smash:135 blocks

Disc catch:55 points (I suck at it)

Lamp jump:493 points

Relay run:16.2 laps

Ring drop:200 points

Snow throw:83 hits

Goal roll:10

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Goal Roll: 11

Hurdle Dash: 79.9

Disc Catch: 91

Relay Run: 17.? (Favorite)

Ring Drop: 200+ (also favorite)

Penant Capture: 40? (I suck at this one)

Lamp Jump: 506(I think)

Circle Push: 62

Block Smash: 142

Snow Throw: 52(I think)

I lost my first game so I can't remember all my scores exactly.

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Speed Course Record:

486 Points

Power Course Record:

491 Points

Skill Course Record:

577 Points

Stamina Course Record:

537 Points

Jump Course Record:

453 Points

Hurdle Dash Event Record:

79.6 Seconds

Pennant Capture Event Record:

55 Flags

Circle Push Event Record:

66 Points

Block Breaker Event Record:

140 Pieces

Disc Catch Event Record:

91 Points

Lamp Jump Event Record:

527 Points

Relay Run Event Record:

18.6 Laps

Ring Drop Event Record:

200 Points

Snow Throw Event Record:

88 Hits

Goal Roll Event Record:

14 Points

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Pennant Capture Event Record:

55 Flags

How did you do that? :o

I have no idea how to get a good result in that course, it is very frustrating! I have tried it many times (because it is part of the Skill course, I suppose ^^). As for my results, I only can beat you with Snow Throw so far I have seen, so I think your records are a bit more than simply 'really good'. ;)

This are my results after having spent 14 hours in the Pokéathlon (that is pretty long)!

Speed Course Record: 499 points

Power Course Record: 468 points

Skill Course Record: 553 points

Stamina Course Record: 549 points

Jump Course Record: 460 points

Hurdle Dash Event Record: 80.2 seconds

Pennant Capture Event Record: 44 flags

Circle Push Event Record: 60 points

Block Smash Event Record: 135 pieces

Disc Catch Event Record: 76 points

Lamp Jump Event Record: 506 points

Relay Run Event Record: 18.9 laps

Ring Drop Event Record: 187 points

Snow Throw Event Record: 111 hits

Goal Roll Event Record: 14 points

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Hurdle Dash: 85.9 Seconds

Pennant Capture: 42 Flags

Circle Push: 65:) Points

Block Smash: 128 Blocks

Disc Catch: 72 Points

Lamp Jump: 523 Points

Relay Run: 17.6 Laps

Ring Drop: 235 Points:)

Snow Throw: 54 Hits

Goal Roll: 11 Goals

I used to do horrible in the Skill Course.

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Here's the complete rundown of mine:

Speed Course: 503 (Starmie, Gallade, Ninetales)

Power Course: 551 (Ursaring, Umbreon, Steelix)

Speed Course: 499 (Ninetales, Meganium, Umbreon)

Stamina Course: 516 (Umbreon, Ursaring, Dodrio)

Jump Course: 476 (Golbat, Skarmory, Starmie)

Hurdle Dash: 79.7 (Starmie, Ninetales, Dodrio)

Pennant Capture: 45 (Ninetales, Dodrio, Meganium)

Circle Push: 66 twice: (Meganium, Starmie, Umbreon) and (Gallade, Umbreon, Ursaring)

Block Smash: 142 twice: (Meganium, Umbreon, Ursaring) and (Umbreon, Ursaring, Steelix)

Disc Catch: 90 (Golbat, Skarmory, Umbreon)

Lamp Jump: 554 (Starmie, Honchkorw, Togekiss)

Relay Run: 17.4 (Starmie, Ninetales, Dodrio)

Ring Drop: 200 (Umbreon, Starmie, Vulpix)

Snow Throw: 56 (Ninetales, Gallade, Honchkrow)

Goal Roll: 15 (Ninetales, Umbreon, Meganium)

Collective Trophy: 10

Trust Trophy: 5

Potential Trophy: 9

Friendship Trophy: 9

Current Score: 4,364 points

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Ok im not that good but i still get good results

Hurdle dash 89.7 ledian quilava ratata

Pennant capture 43 ledian rattatta gastly

Circle push 62 weepingbell weedle mareep

Block smash 63 (same team)

Disc catch 52 metapod paras hoppip

Lamp jump 465 pidgeotto ledian hopppip

Relay run 14.6 pidgeotto scyther hoppip

Ring drop 142 metapod togepi quagsire

Snow throw 46 ledian rattatta gastly

Goal roll 10 ledian rattatta gastly

Speed course 413 ledian quilava rattatta

Power course 444 weepingbell mareep weedle

Skill course 492 Ledian rattatta gastly

Stamina course 461 metapod quagsire togepi

Jump course 419 hoppip scyther pidgeotto

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