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Kanto starters for B&W PDW


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no, it still works the same for non-DW abilities. That has nothing to do with it. even PID for abil 0, odd PID for abil 1. offset 0x42 in the pkm indicates DW ability. and there is no correlation anymore between IVs and PID. Likely nature either, since it doesn't seem to be PID-based anymore.

About non DW ability, ok thanks for the info. I wonder how it works when breeding then.

About the IV, there never was a relation between PID and IV as far as i know.

PID+IV=type so you can find IV if you have pid+type (and most of the time you get more than one possibility) but the pid alone can't help to get the iv unlike nature/ability/gender .

According to smogoon, the IV is decided by a hex value coming after the PID. In other terms IV are decided after nature and ability. I don't know why and how some nature give a limit to IV in 4th gen. Probably a reset just like the pid reset to prevent shiny events, not sure.

Anyway i guess that if the method to find a PID is different in 5th gen, then the 4th gen pokemon transfered in B/W would see thier PID modified. I don't think it's the case but i have no clue, is someone able to check that?

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there was a relation in that pid and nature were related and not all natures can have all the different IVs spreads. for example, 31/31/31/31/31/31 can only be modest, calm, docile, and timid. and it's not a hex value, it's pair of rng calls that return a pair of values that are used to create the IVs. they do correspond. if you want simple proof, go play around with SCV's generator. it can take a PID and output possible IV spreads for it.

it's really obvious why not all natures can have all the different IV spread, not a "PID reset" or anything like that. all the natures, abilities, IVs, genders, everything would call for something like 26 billion combos. the 4th gen rng is only 32-bit. see where i'm going? 2^32 = 4294967296 different combos. nowhere close to 26 billion.

e: for DW breeding, if the female has the ability it will be passed to the bred poke 50% of the time.

e2: there's finally NOT a relation between PID/IVs in 5th gen, though. you can catch a poke and change its IVs to literally anything you want and it will still function on random wifi and everywhere else.

e3: no, 4th gen pokes do not have modded PIDs. their 0x41 offset changes to reflect their nature, along with a few other things, but that's about it. the game knows which gen it's from by it's hometown, etc.

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"a pair of values that are used to create the IVs"

that's what i meant speaking about hex decided after the PID, it's in hexadecimal right?

But nevermind

Thanks very much for all info, much appreciated.

"it can take a PID and output possible IV spreads for it."

That i know. But like i said earlier, you can get more than one pid that way. PID and IV are added and so we get a type. And for some type, you can have many diffenrent IV for a single pid.

I think the only part of the PID affecting the IV are the 2 last digit since they're showing the nature. But not affecting enough to be able to give precise IV with a pid.

Exemple : Static ds event from a WC, you can get many different iv for a single pid.

(sorry for my bad English, i feel like we already agreed from the begining on some details but my English make it harder)

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