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ScreenPeekaz's Shiny Machamp .

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shiny effect
 Species   Machamp 
 Nickname   (default, in ENG.png
 OT   ScreenPeekaz 
 TID   05146 
 Distribution   Local Wireless 
 Location   Battle Resort 
 Dates   May 14 to 15 
May 21 to 22 
June 11 to 22, 2016
 PID   Shiny PID 
 Games   Given to: All Regions 3DS: ORAS 
Preset as: A
  Cherish Ball Lv. 50  
  Met Lv. 1  
 Nature   Adamant 
 Ability   No Guard (2) 
 Item    Sitrus Berry 
 Card Per Save   Only One Allowed 
  Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)
  Dynamic Punch Dynamic Punch   Stone Edge Stone Edge
  Wide Guard Wide Guard   Knock Off Knock Off
  WC ID 580: 「Let Shiny Machamp give you a lift」's receiving text
0x2B Thank you for playing Pokémon! Please pick up your gift from the delivery girl in any Pokémon Center.
Battle Champ

Battle Champ
Let Shiny Machamp give you a lift
You could add this dynamo to
your roster for battles in the
Pokémon Nationals.

Format Ver.2.1.2-2, Post Updated Date:20210823_1558

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