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Old Pokémon Blue Save File 2.0.0

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About This File

This is a old save file I had as a kid. AKA why the OT is Lt.Ash lol. It looks like I was using this as a trade save file as a kid. I did trade some things on to the cart before updating it. It has a legit event Mew and all the starters. 2 of which were traded in from Pokémon yellow. The save file is at the start of the game and has just received the pokedex. Enjoy playing though this game in a unique way. Enjoy and have fun!!! :)

Edited by Masterdragon1990

What's New in Version 2.0.0   See changelog


Just got through Mt. Moon

More Pokemon to use

More items

Better move sets

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On 1/29/2023 at 5:52 PM, theSLAYER said:

@Masterdragon1990 please just add a new version to your existing uploads (of the same content), as opposed to creating new ones again and again.

What are you talking about ? You keep blocking a gene 3 sapphire game I keep uploading saving is a gene 1 Pokémon blue game.....???what ???

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Summary for @Masterdragon1990:

My findings in relationship to what you said:

1. You yourself deleted Sapphire, presumably due to the Colosseum picture being in Sapphire (picture in Spoiler below)
[When I hover over the red-crossed out eye icon (means Deleted), I can see what reason it was deleted for, and who deleted it. Reason indicated is messup, a trend we see with a lot of your other files]



2. Note that save files needs to be manually approved. You deleted it prior to approval, and likely forgot and are misattributing it to me (or perhaps any other mod) blocking it.
3. In our deleted files, there's quite a bit of files that keeps getting uploaded by you, despite the same file already existing, such as Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Yellow saves.

In addition to what I've found, a gentle reminder for points that you should keep in mind:
1.  Please be aware that save files needs to be manually approved by human moderators. Which means this takes time.
2. The forum etiquette applies to all uploads, not just Pokémon Blue. Upload the main type once, and within the page re-upload the updated version (Upload a new version), instead of creating tons of new file pages.
3. Using the same re-upload function mentioned above, you can actually fix messups. Whether is it incorrect image uploaded, or incorrect file uploaded, it can be fixed via there.
4. Do not create alternate accounts (alts)
5. Do not misuse the report button.

Any further issues just tag me in one of the comment sections, I'll get to you when I'm online :)


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    Gotcha, dont known about other accounts ? But my sorry for the confusion....was still trying to under how this site worked etc. As all I want to do is share my save files with other :) . Thank you for the explaining! Also I will try to properly upload them going forward. 



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