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Six 0IVs Sinistea .

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About This File

A phony Sinistea with 6 0IVs. Use the shiny file it you want a shiny version, and the non-shiny file if you want a non-shiny.

You could replace the species, moves, location, level, ball and get what you want as a Six 0IVs mon.
If you want perfect IVs in any stat, you should perform hyper training on that stat.
If you want, you may also change Stat Nature.

Things you should not change:
PID, Nature, Height, Weight, IVs, EC.
If you want to change TID, SID, the shiny entry must remain Square Shiny with the appropriate PID.
(Or alternatively it can be Star Shiny, with the corresponding TID/SID on the then non-shiny file)


You can also get a 0IV mon easily using the Auto Legality Mod.


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