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Competitive Purified Shadow Lugia for US/UM or SW/SH DLC 2.0.0

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About This File

This is my shadow Lugia from my old Pokémon from Gale of darkness save. this lugia was transferred from my copy of emerald to ultra sun, I have included three .pk7 files I've ripped from my ultra sun save through PKHeX. two competitive and one untouched with its purified moveset. the competitive Lugia's are nicknamed XD001 one has both signature moves and the other has one. ill provide movesets below. they have the same stats cuz I cloned them back in emerald with the clone glitch.


1st XD001

* psycho boost

* feather dance 

* calm mind

* aeroblast


untouched Lugia

* psycho boost

* feather dance

* earthquake

* hydro pump


2nd XD001

* psycho boost

* feather dance

* calm mind

* recover


they have no held items so there open to whatever item combos seem appropriate to there move sets. (plz understand this is my first time actually making a competitive move set without the help of a google search)

What's New in Version 2.0.0   See changelog


ive included a bonus lugia in the new ver.

lugia lv.100

item: leftovers


*psycho boost

*feather dance

*calm mind

*shadow ball

this one is a two attack SP.atk. shadow lugia so it doesn't have to only use its purify only signature move


249 - LUGIA - 6B171EC1530E.pk3

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