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Safari Zone Shiny Spinda .

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Spinda can normally be encountered at the Desert area of the Safari Zone, when 14 Plains-type block are placed,
such as Shrubbery, Red Flower and White Flower.

Using the Cute Charm Abuse (which requires player's to have a compatible TID/SID combo), it is possible to consistently encounter Shiny Spinda with the same spots.
For other Cute Charm'd Pokémon, visit this page.



Image from smogon relating to the Cute Charm abuse

Typically, the PID ranges for the Cute charm abuse to find shinies ranges from 00000000 to 000000E0.


Compare the images above. Due to how the Spinda spots work, changing the PID from 00 00 00 00 to 00 00 00 E0 would only move the top left red spot.
However, as that particular red spot is outside the main body itself, the Spinda's pattern would look the same regardless of which PID you obtain.

(In case you didn't know, each 2-byte word controls one of the red spots. Can read more of it here.
Also note that from Gen 6 onwards, Spinda Spots are controlled be Encryption Constant, not Personality Value)

If you wanna play with Gen 4 Spinda spot painter, this is the link: http://oupo.github.io/tools/spinda.html


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