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Dual-Slot Mode Pokemon .

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About This File

When a Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum game is launched on the NDS with a Generation III game in the slot-2, extra Pokemon encounters are unlocked in various routes, depending on the cartridge inserted.

The shiny versions of the Pokemon are also attached, if I happened to chance upon them while Cute Charm abusing.

Ruby Sapphire FireRed LeafGreen Emerald All
seedot.png Seedot lotad.png Lotad caterpie.png Caterpie weedle.png Weedle teddiursa.png Teddiursa haunter.png Haunter -Pt
nuzleaf.png Nuzleaf lombre.png Lombre metapod.png Metapod kakuna.png Kakuna ursaring.png Ursaring gengar.png Gengar
mawile.png Mawile sableye.png Sableye ekans.png Ekans sandshrew.png Sandshrew pineco.png Pineco staravia.png Staravia -Pt
zangoose.png Zangoose seviper.png Seviper arbok.png Arbok sandslash.png Sandslash gligar.png Gligar -Pt bibarel.png Bibarel -Pt
solrock.png Solrock lunatone.png Lunatone growlithe.png Growlithe vulpix.png Vulpix shuckle.png Shuckle    
        elekid.png Elekid -Pt magby.png Magby -Pt        

-Pt means that these encounters were unavailable to Pokemon Platinum

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