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Between July 1 and 14, 2008, one of the hosts of Pokémon Sunday (Baba) would visit the Player's ranch and offer this Flygon for trade for a Starly. This Flygon is nicknamed "Babaigon."

PID 16339
Nickname ババイゴン
Gender Male
Level 50
Nature Naive
Ability Levitate
OT ばば
SID 00718
Location Pokémon Event
Met At Lv. 50
Ball Cherish Ball Cherish Ball
Held Item Yache Berry Yache Berry
Draco Meteor Draco Meteor
U-Turn U-Turn
Earthquake Earthquake
Dragon Claw Dragon Claw

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55 minutes ago, SpringtraP-MasK said:

why does pkhex say its not ligal when its a event?

Because PKHeX doesn't have it in its database.

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