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In Pokemon Black 2 & White 2, Rood, one of the Seven Sages, resides in a house dedicated as a Team Plasma sanctuary in Driftveil City.
After defeating Rood in battle, the player will given N's Zorua upon visiting Rood.

 Species   Zorua 
 Nickname   (default, in ENG.png
 TID   00002 
 Distribution   In-Game Gift 
 Location   Driftveil City 
 Dates   (Various) 
 PID   Cannot Be Shiny 
 Games   Black 2 and White 2 
  Poke Ball Lv. 25  
 Nature   Hasty 
 Ability   Illusion (1) 
 Item   None 
  Fury Swipes Fury Swipes   Feint Attack Feint Attack
  Scary Face Scary Face   Taunt Taunt


Format Ver.1.0.6-1, Post Updated Date:20180220_0915

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