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Project Pokemon ROM Editor Beta 0.14a

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*Special Note*
 The first form that loads in this program is built from the code for Nitro Explorer 2.0. Thanks to Treeki for allowing me to use his code. I have left his original About Nitro Explorer 2 information below. The main purpose of this program is not the Nitro Explorer 2 system, I kept it like that for the convenience of the users.

 This program should eventually be able to edit many aspects of DPP. For now it is mainly a research tool.

 The first feature added is an Event Editor. Not all labels have been identified so help in identifying what each data value does would be appreciated. I expect that many people will help me in making this program comprehensive; eventually maybe there can be more programmers helping me write this program. Because of this I will be keeping an extensive and detailed contribution list, so we keep track of who has contributed or helped with each aspect of the program.

This is the current list of credits:

    -The Narc.cs class is based on his NarcReader.cs from PokeDSPic.
    -His code for PokeDSPic helped me learn about UIs in C#
    -There is more things that he has contributed but they will be added when the resulting features have been added to the program
    -It was his pAC that originally motivated me to look into pokemon hacking and into buying no$gba debug

    -It was legal.exe's code which got me started in learning C# back when I knew close to nothing about pokemon hacking

    -HackMew's improvements to PPTE have improved my C# programming and I will include his latest improvents to the PPTE source as the next feature.
    -Wrote DeleteFromEnd function for Narc.cs

    -Identified that the first event type is related to the objects/furniture at a location

    -His early research on the files in \fielddata gave me a head start when I started researching the structures of the event files.

    -Added ReplaceFile function in Narc.cs code
    -Researched and identified general structures for event files
    -Made an almost complete list of what location corresponds to each event file.
    -Researched and identified the general structure of script files.

-Creators of Be.HexEditor
    -Made it easier for me to make the script editor by providing a hexbox form.

Term of Use:
This program is an open source program that will hopefully get more people interested in contributing to the development of DPP hacking. Any modifications of this program must include the About information for PPRE and Nitro Explorer 2. There should be no need for unofficial versions of this program because I will gladly add any new features to the official releases with the proper credit. Hopefully you will be motivated to learn C# (if needed) and contribute to programming PPRE. If you know C# but don't know what you can help with, you can contact me. I have many planned features that I could use some help with as far as implementing them goes.

Hope you can find for this,

(C) Project Pokemon 2009


What's New in Version Beta 0.14a   See changelog


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