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This Garchomp is for HKTW 3DS only. (not even EU/JP)

 Species   Garchomp 
 Nickname   (default, save lang) 
 OT   XY 
 TID   01154 
 Distribution   Serial Code 
 Location   a lovely place 
 Dates   Jan 15 to Mar 31, 2014 
 PID   Cannot Be Shiny 
 Games   TW 3DS ONLY: XY 
  Cherish Ball Lv. 48  
 Nature   Random 
 Ability   Sand Veil (1) 
 Item    Dragon Fang 
  Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)
  Draco Meteor Draco Meteor   Dragon Claw Dragon Claw
  Dig Dig   Crunch Crunch
  WC ID 11: 「A Special Garchomp!」's receiving text
 0x35 Thank you for receiving this distribution! Please pick up your gift from the delivery girl in any Pokémon Center.
A Special Garchomp!
One of the mightiest Dragon-type Pokémon
Garchomp will be given to you as a gift!

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