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You Can Challenge the Unova League Too! 1.0.0

About This File

This tournament features trainers based on the Unova League from the anime.

Battle Style Single
Amount of Pokémon 3
Level Set to 50
Restrictions • No banned Pokémon
• No banned Items
• No duplicate Pokémon or Hold Items
Finalist Battle Pokémon Trainer Virgil (バージル)
Anytime Battle Pokémon Trainer Cameron (コテツ)
Semifinalist Battle Pokémon Trainer Stephan (ケニヤン)
Semifinalist Battle Pokémon Trainer Trip (シューティ)
Language Tournament Title Dates
Japanese イッシュリーグに キミもちょうせん! 12.03.2012 - 01.31.2013
Korean 하나리그에 도전하자! 05.02.2013 - TBA

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4 hours ago, Zacthoz said:

How can I activate this file? I'm too new to the page

There's a guide on how to use PWT files.


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