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Kanto Trio (Male Player Character) 1.0.0

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カントーのさんびき - Kanto Trio (Male Player Character)

The Kanto Trio Pokédex skin was obtainable only for Black and White games during the below dates.

Japan Dates: 02.25.2011 - 05.31.2011

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@juanpironi Presently not supported by PKHeX.

On top of the previous page:


Use Pokestock (Japanese language program) to insert these files into your save file directly.

This information below may help you:

On 9/28/2017 at 1:13 AM, BlackShark said:

PokeCGear unfortunately is the only editor that supports Pokedex skins. But injecting works for me, even though it fails a lot. I experienced that sometimes it needs a few tries.

You might try:
- going ingame and saving twice before trying again
- or after injecting opening your save file in PKHeX or PokeGen and saving it without doing any edits, to fix checksums

Always always ALWAYS keep an extra backup of your unedited save in a complete different location on your computer, before doing ANY modifications. :3

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