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Powerful Tag Ninetales 1.0.0

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Powerful Tag Ninetales

This Ninetales was distributed at Pokémon Centers in Japan as part of a Powerful Tag Pokémon series. It was distributed during the above dates, alternating every hour with the Chandelure distribution. This Ninetales always has a Defense IV of 31.

Wondercard ID 101
PID Random
Games BW
Type Local Wireless
Dates 05.07.2012-05.31.2012
Nickname キュウコン
Gender Male
Level 50
Nature Bold
Ability Drought
SID 00000
Location Pokémon Center
Ribbon Classic Ribbon Classic Ribbon
Ball Cherish Ball Cherish Ball
Held Item Chesto Berry Chesto Berry
Heat Wave Heat Wave
SolarBeam SolarBeam
Psyshock Psyshock
Will-O-Wisp Will-O-Wisp

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