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  1. tunring off sopt-pass would be another option to avoid being detected
  2. oh darn it that means i have to uninstall cfw for the time being
  3. lets just say i have a banned console and tempted to try the second or third method ( mainly because i dont have a spare 3ds right now lol ) i'm just wondering is there any chance of my system getting banned again ? if the answer is no then i have another inquiry in reality my system hasn't been banned yet because i luckily got the news of the banwaves beforehand and didn't turn on my ds ever since now can i still use the methods mentioned above as a precautionary step to avoid getting banned for real ?
  4. how long does the banwave last
  5. i have an idea for testing this banwave thing but i wanna run it by you before trying it out what if we keep a backup of the unbanned save game file for precaution
  6. oh thanks and btw just heard that player who never cheated whatsoever are also receiving this ban
  7. how to keep the network switch off ? by pulling down the small thing in the top right corner of the ds right ?
  8. Thank you!
  9. so may i ask if there's a thread to request this file ? TIA
  10. can anyone please upload the wc7 file of the lycanroc event which was redeemed on the 16th